Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little late..

We've been a tad slack here in the Flying South office. Rather than blogging about our current range we've been busy snapping up finds for the next. We've sold a lot from the range I'm about to picture here but if there is anything you fancy just let us know and we'll give you the details on size/price and avaliability. If the items have already been snapped up then we will try and source your something similar. Our first range for us was 'Colour me Winter'. Whilst winter is very cold and a lot of people tend to wear basic colours such as black, grey and brown we sourced coats, blazers and shirts that will keep your warm and also brighten up your day. Our favourite pieces from this range was our Fur Jacket, Red leather Jacket and also the denim high waisted shorts! Keep the love coming, Flying South xx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Attention to Detail

It's simple, almost plain but the detail makes it classic, cute and comfortable. We picked up a few items from Melbourne and Adelaide and created this gorgeous outfit. Our model wears High Waisted Denim shorts, Pink Floral cropped shirt, tooled leather belt, tan cowgirl boots and a miniature retro bag. The denim shorts were originally jeans but with a nip and a tuck we made them something so much more. The floral patches are original and tiny detail, such is this, is what makes these shorts so wonderful. We're selling the shirt for $10, Shorts for $25, Belt $10 and bag $15. Let us know what you think about the items/outfit and if you're interested in a particular garment contact us on:

A lot of Love xx

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who we are and Where we come from

Flying South Vintage was and idea that turned into a real life reality. 

Our names are Monique and Olivia. We're five years apart in age but we're as close as it gets when it comes to sisters. We are each others bestfriends. Thrift shopping is something we love to do together and alone. When Olivia moved to Melbourne this year the both of us were fairly home sick but also excited about all the new vintage pieces Olivia would come across in Melbourne. Our love for thrift shopping was clear and instead of just sharing our finds with each other we decided it was time to share our finds with the world. 

The name 'Flying South' comes from the idea that Olivia flys from Victoria to 'South' Australia to see her family! We are just getting started with our business and have had an amazing response over facebook and twitter so we're now taking it to the bloggers world and spreading our vintage love to you all. Suggest us to your friends and if you're interested in knowing more or buying any of our items please contact us on:

Monique+Olivia xx