Thursday, August 26, 2010

What we're lookin' for...

11:11pm Make a wish. So how many of you see that and do the same as us and what do you wish for? ZIP IT, if you tell us it won't come true. The wishes we can make come alive are those wishes/desires you have to find amazing one off vintage pieces that set you apart from the scene and have every girl in the powder room asking you all sorts of questions like; Where is that bodice from? How much did you pay? 15 DOLLARS!!?? Cheese + Whiskers, we want in on flying south! Okay so maybe thats not the general convo happenin' in the powder room but you get the jist. We'l' have you looking so fly, offspring will be singing bout' you in no time!

What are we on the hunt for? PRINTS. They are everywhere we look but we are yet to find the perfect pairs. We see them retailing in every awesome store from cotton on, sportsgirl, maurie and eve, everywhere online and even on the stars! But before you go and snap yourself up a $200 pair from Maurie and Eve, I say HALT! Because Monique is flying from Adelaide to Melbourne *YAYAYAY* and the two of us are going on a never ending hunt to bring you vintage printed pants. I'm feeling tribal, leopard, zebra, maybe some tasteful floral and even polka dotted goodness. What else should we look for whilst we're on our thrifting mission!?


Mr and Miss' Lover, Lovers! We get that sometimes these *suggest to win* comps get a bit tiresome and often others 'over do it'. Well we're new and for a while we've relied on word of mouth and that has gotten us so much love but we know that there are so many others out there that could join in on the love but its a matter of them finding us and finding out what we are about. In this competition all we ask is you suggest 10 friends each, 100 would be good a thousand would be amazing but anything helps :) All you have to do is suggest people, write on our facebook wall saying how many and we will enter you into the random draw to win the double fingered cross ring pictured below(identical to the Forever 21 cross ring that sold out)! You can even just share one of our pictures on your blog with out link or talk about us on your blog and we will consider that an entry. Sisters are doing it for themselves

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New items on the block(blog)

Alo, Aloha!
We have listed these items on facebook already and fortunately before even having the chance to release them to the blogosphere a few of the items have been snapped up already. This range isn't that big but it's more of 1.1 sneak peak of what is too come. Keep your eyes peeled to the next post to find out why and how to see more of the many goodies we have in store...
Repeat after us: Com-pe-tit-ion (details coming soon)