Thursday, August 26, 2010


Mr and Miss' Lover, Lovers! We get that sometimes these *suggest to win* comps get a bit tiresome and often others 'over do it'. Well we're new and for a while we've relied on word of mouth and that has gotten us so much love but we know that there are so many others out there that could join in on the love but its a matter of them finding us and finding out what we are about. In this competition all we ask is you suggest 10 friends each, 100 would be good a thousand would be amazing but anything helps :) All you have to do is suggest people, write on our facebook wall saying how many and we will enter you into the random draw to win the double fingered cross ring pictured below(identical to the Forever 21 cross ring that sold out)! You can even just share one of our pictures on your blog with out link or talk about us on your blog and we will consider that an entry. Sisters are doing it for themselves

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