Monday, September 27, 2010

Clikity - Clack - CLOGS!

I said damnnnn girl where'd you get those clogs, those clogs - where'd you pull them from?

hahhaahhaha okay but seriously - clogs - aloha they are so totally in! Mind the excited, ridiculous lingo I've just had way to much chocolate and can't control myself! But honestly if theres a pair of shoes you can't go wrong with its the big trend for this season, CLOGS! I'm going to show you a few photos. I'll jumble them up and amongst them will be pairs worth $2000 right down to a mere $50 and if you ask me they all look pretty darn similar and amazing! It's all about shopping around and here at Flying South we love to find 'top in season' items to match with our vintage goodies!

Extra, Extra - Read all about us!

A few weeks ago I got a phone call asking me about this blog! To begin with I was shocked and then came the excitement...
For most of you savvy bloggers out there, I'm sure many of you have been made aware about the amazing opportunity Westfield Shopping Australia have put out to the public and if you haven't...keep your eyes peeled and continue reading!

We were asked to be about a press release and keep our lips tight for a week before the competition was announced to the public. As I am not in Adelaide, Monique got the opportunity to take party in a photo shoot for the Adelaide Sunday Mail. Basically westfield are on the hunt for someone like us and you to be their westfield fashion blogger. You can Shop and Tell and be paid $100 000 to do so. It's such a great opportunity for everyone to be a part of and really have the chance to turn our/your hobby into a career. We are thankful to have been apart of the press release and surely enough we definitely entered! If you want to know more about the competition have a look on their website:

Below is the clipping/feature of monique representing flying south in the Sunday Mail

Fresh from the US

Honey to the bee this is Liv-iii!
Okay so I'm not the best at rhyming but I am going crazy right about now! Check it out now, I've been vintage shopping not just in thrift stores but online through all different websites and I came across this amazing blazer straight from the US. I've been finding goodies like this a lot lately but this would have to be in my top five finds. This particular blazer I found a month or so ago but now that I've already worn it out and received endless complements I'm thinking, 'should I put it in the store?' and let it receive every ounce of attention it deserves? I don't know, I don't know - I don't know *stamps feet*....I asked my mother dearest what she thought and she begged me to put it in the she could buy it? hahahahaha so maybe I will put in the store and ya'll will just have to beat my mother to buying it! Have a look :) Also this is before I went lighter with my hair? I'm thinking after such a long process of getting it lighter, I'll go back to this hehe! Olivia xx