Monday, September 27, 2010

Fresh from the US

Honey to the bee this is Liv-iii!
Okay so I'm not the best at rhyming but I am going crazy right about now! Check it out now, I've been vintage shopping not just in thrift stores but online through all different websites and I came across this amazing blazer straight from the US. I've been finding goodies like this a lot lately but this would have to be in my top five finds. This particular blazer I found a month or so ago but now that I've already worn it out and received endless complements I'm thinking, 'should I put it in the store?' and let it receive every ounce of attention it deserves? I don't know, I don't know - I don't know *stamps feet*....I asked my mother dearest what she thought and she begged me to put it in the she could buy it? hahahahaha so maybe I will put in the store and ya'll will just have to beat my mother to buying it! Have a look :) Also this is before I went lighter with my hair? I'm thinking after such a long process of getting it lighter, I'll go back to this hehe! Olivia xx

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